What Is Golgi?

The Internet of Things presents a massive opportunity for enterprises and vendors supplying IOT components and systems.

Golgi Programable Device Cloud  is a pre-integrated technology stack with developer defined type-safe code generation for devices and hardware platforms.

The cloud-based middleware runs from the embedded device up through the cloud delivering Programmable Cloud APIs that significantly reduce vendor time-to-market.

Development Runtime

Golgi Device Cloud has a connector framework to allow devices to interact with the API ecosystem.


Any modern API platform can be integrated through the configurable connector framework. Leveraging the Programmable Device Cloud APIs and configurable connector framework, vendors and enterprises can quickly build vertical-specific IoT solutions and integrate disparate enterprise IT systems.

Golgi Programmable Device Cloud connects machines, devices and applications and allows customers to easily aggregate data off the edge to offer business intelligence that can be used to protect investments, generate new revenue streams, maximize existing infrastructure, and improve business processes.


  • Connected devices and IOT present a complex world of ecosystem connections and cross-service experiences. Your product, when launched, will need to integrate seamlessly into this world.
  • Insulates developers from the complexity and fragmentation of standards, application frameworks and service models
  • A complete web-architected, open approach to cloud-to-cloud integration as well as support for multiple protocols and deployment models

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