In the age of IoT, simply connecting devices is not enough. IoT devices must be scalable, reliable and have robust security measures in place in order for IoT systems to make a significant impact. Golgi’s Programmable IoT Device Cloud allows developers to securely and reliably expose device features and functionality through extensible API’s whether prototyping or in the final stages of product development.

Demonstrating the Golgi IoT platform


As developers start building out their IoT applications they must consider scalability requirements from Proof of Concept through to live launch.

It’s quite easy for a developer to build a proof of concept back-end for a couple of 100 devices but it is quite a different computer problem going to hundreds of thousands and millions of devices on a global scale.

The developer must think about

  • Maximum events per second per device
  • Maximum devices
  • Events per second on back end services
  • Maximum number of concurrent device connections
  • Load over time analysis – is it constant or variable – are their busy times of day/week/month?
  • Geographic installation of devices

Golgi’s heritage in telecoms and transmitting over 1B messages daily ensures we understand and can successfully manage the complexity of these issues.


Developers also should consider reliability issues:

  • What happens if the connected back-end server fails?
  • What happens if the devices loose connectivity?
  • What happens if a data centre crashes?


Developers should consider the security implications of devices and connectivity to back-end servers.

  • Is the connection secure?
  • Is the data private?
  • Is the developer’s identity safe?
  • Are developers being authenticated?
  • Is the platform protected against denial of service attacks?

Golgi utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, technology investments, and operational expertise to ensure a secure and scalable on demand infrastructure. All data is transmitted via SSL encryption to conceals data from unauthorized parties. In addition, Golgi maintains compatibility with security packages to ensure the safe deployment of a large scale IoT devices while leveraging rich IoT capabilities

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