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Golgi’s API-first Internet of Things platform enables developers to easily design, build and connect developer defined APIs for any IoT Device. Developers will dramatically decrease their time to market while being able to leverage the powerful API ecosystem of services. Golgi significantly cuts development time and allows the developer to concentrate on building the best IoT Device



  • Golgi Web-based design tools
  • Developers design their function calls and data flows
  • With the push of a button, device code and Web APIs are generated



  • Generates easily implemented device code as designed with type-safe device APIs
  • Launches a Web-based REST interface at mydevice.golgi.xyz
  • Golgi test tools and frameworks are available for all APIs
  • Device code is simply downloaded and integrated into device development environments
  • Golgi supports Intel Edison and Galileo, Mediatek LinkIt, Arduino, Artik and many other boards



  • Golgi programmable API allows you to securely connect and control devices and machines 
  • Devices are easily accessible over REST/JSON API and efficiently collect, process, transform, and transfer machine, sensor and application data between applications and devices
  • Communicate intelligently and efficiently with any external system via connectors such as Analytics (initial State), SMS (Twilio), Push Notifications (Pusher), Cloud Database (Parse)
  • Unlimited extensible API framework

Developer benefits

  • Pre-integrated application development support integrates machine data and message driven enterprise defined data into systems and applications
  • Application extensibility provides for agile handling of unique business requirements in rapidly changing environments
  • Provides highly scalable data management and application services for connected products
  • Performance, reliability and security at scale
  • Built to scale for millions of connected devices with no degradation of performance, reliability or security

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