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In the age of IoT, simply connecting devices is not enough. IoT devices must be scalable, reliable and have robust security measures in place in order for IoT systems to make a significant impact.

However, IoT vendors need to consider connectivity, application development, hardware compatibility, and many more facets in order for a IoT solution to successfully deliver the benefits of new services, new revenues or cost reductions for enterprises. Golgi’s Programmable IoT Device Cloud allows developers to securely and reliably expose device features and functionality through extensible API’s whether prototyping or in the final stages of product development.


Golgi Programmable Device Cloud is a cloud-based IoT platform that enables developers to expose device features and functionality securely through APIs while also providing complete solution extensibility through simple integration with 3rd party Cloud Services and enterprise environments. Golgi Programable Device Cloud  is a pre-integrated technology stack with developer defined type-safe code generation for devices and hardware platforms. The cloud-based middleware runs from the embedded device up through the cloud delivering Programmable Cloud APIs that significantly reduce vendor time-to-market.



Connected devices and IOT present a complex world of ecosystem connections and cross-service experiences. Your product, when launched, will need to integrate seamlessly into this world.

Insulates developers from the complexity and fragmentation of standards, application frameworks and service models

A complete web-architected, open approach to cloud-to-cloud integration as well as support for multiple protocols and deployment models


Golgi’s API-first Internet of Things platform enables developers to easily design, build and connect developer defined APIs for any IoT Device. Developers will dramatically decrease their time to market while being able to leverage the powerful API ecosystem of services. Golgi significantly cuts development time and allows the developer to concentrate on building the best IoT Device.


  • Golgi Web-based design tools
  • Developers design their function calls and data flows
  • With the push of a button, device code and Web APIs are generated


  • Generates easily implemented device code as designed with type-safe device APIs
  • Launches a Web-based REST interface at mydevice.golgi.xyz
  • Golgi test tools and frameworks are available for all APIs
  • Device code is simply downloaded and integrated into device development environments
  • Golgi supports Intel Edison and Galileo, Mediatek LinkIt, Arduino, Artik and many other boards


  • Golgi programmable API allows you to securely connect and control devices and machines
  • Devices are easily accessible over REST/JSON API and efficiently collect, process, transform, and transfer machine, sensor and application data between applications and devices
  • Communicate intelligently and efficiently with any external system via connectors such as Analytics (initial State), SMS (Twilio), Push Notifications (Pusher), Cloud Database (Parse)
  • Unlimited extensible API framework


Golgi Programmable Device Cloud is a horizontal platform that can be utilized in a broad variety of markets, with capabilities to connect things, manage devices, collect data, change outcomes, and build custom applications that are easily configurable and programmable.


Golgi utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, technology investments, and operational expertise to ensure a secure and scalable on demand infrastructure. All data is transmitted via SSL encryption to conceals data from unauthorized parties. In addition, Golgi maintains compatibility with security packages to ensure the safe deployment of a large scale IoT devices while leveraging rich IoT capabilities.


Customers depend on the data that is on a device. Any connectivity outages, data center crashes or back-end server faliures can be detrimental to a user. Golgi resolves the reliability factors for developers with its proven on-demand, geo-routed service based in Amazon and Google.  To create the most reliable IoT solution available.


As developers start building out their IoT applications they must consider scalability requirements from Proof of Concept through to live launch. It’s quite easy for a developer to build a proof of concept back-end for a couple of 100 devices but it is quite a different computer problem going to hundreds of thousands and millions of devices on a global scale. Golgi’s heritage in telecoms and transmitting over 1B messages daily ensures we understand and can successfully manage the complexity of delivering IoT Data on a enterprise scale.


  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Easily and rapidly scale your IoT services across the globe
  • Provide automated, real-time visibility and control over all of your networked devices and services
  • Ensure higher service reliability with real-time intelligence and monitoring of changing network conditions
  • Easily integrate with enterprise and 3rd party APIs and easy leverage of API ecosystem