Mobilizing IOT Data

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Simplify & Accelerate IoT Development

  • Golgi Data Contract
    • Developer Defined Parameters & Interactions
    • Type-Safe Data Transmission
  • Generates Native Code for All Endpoints
  • Facilitates Compatibility between Versions
  • Supports iOS, Android, Web Applications, Node.JS, Server-side Java, WiFi, Ethernet, Serial and SMS

Benefits of Golgi

Dramatically decreases time to market for delivering IoT Solutions. 

  • Reliable Connectivity & Data Transport
  • Simplify & Accelerate Development
  • Standards Compliance Abstraction
  • Turnkey Infrastructure
  • Flexible Security Options

Reliable Connectivity & Data Transport

Intelligent Delivery Engine

  • Application Always Up-to-Date with Background Content Delivery
  • No Polling
  • Verifiable Data Transport
  • Integrated Push